Benzene sulfonamide High Quality

Benzene sulfonamide High Quality
Product NameBenzene sulfonamideCAS NO.98-10-2

Appearance-White Crystalline Powder
Purity% min99
Melting Point107±5
Water% max0.3
Colority (APHA)Pt/Co max30
Chlorideppm max100
Ortho / Para±3%40 \ 60 OR 30 \ 70 OR 20 \ 80
Ash% max0.1

Product Description:

N-Butyl benzene sulfonamide is a clear liquid. It has a minimum purity requirement of 99.5% and an acid value (measured by KOH) of 0.1. The maximum allowed water content is 0.1%, and the colority (APHA) should not exceed 20 Pt/Co units. The chloride ion content is limited to a maximum of 100 ppm, and the pH value should be between 7 and 8. The density range is 1.145-1.152 g/cm3, and the refractive index at 20℃ ranges from 1.520 to 1.526.

This chemical is widely used in various application fields. It can serve as a solvent, plasticizer, lubricant, and additive in certain applications. Additionally, it finds applications in oilfield chemistry, coatings, dyes, inks, and adhesives.