Benzenesulfonyl chloride CAS 98-09-9 800470

Benzenesulfonyl chloride CAS 98-09-9 800470
Product Name:Benzenesulfonyl chlorideCAS NO.98-09-9

Appearance-Clear Liquid Or Straw Yellow Lucency Liquid
Purity% min99
Free Acid% max0.2
Water% max0.1
Colority (APHA)Pt/Co max20

Product Description:

Benzenesulfonyl chloride is a chemical compound that is commonly found in the form of a clear liquid or a pale yellow transparent liquid. It is required to have a minimum purity of 99%, with a maximum free acid content of 0.2% and a maximum water content of 0.1%. The colority, as measured in Pt/Co units, should not exceed 20.

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