Benzenesulfinic acid zinc salt(BM,ZBS) Manufacturer & Supplier

Benzenesulfinic acid zinc salt(BM,ZBS) Manufacturer & Supplier
Product Name:Benzenesulfinic acid zinc salt(BM,ZBS)CAS NO.24308-84-7
Appearance-White Powder
Purity% min98
Water% max10
Melting Point218±3


Product Description

Benzenesulfinic acid zinc salt (BM, ZBS) is a white powder with a CAS number of 24308-84-7. It is a high-purity chemical product that can be applied in a wide range of fields.

Our Benzenesulfinic acid zinc salt has a minimum purity of 98%, ensuring excellent quality and performance. The water content does not exceed 10%, primarily to enhance product stability and shelf life. It has a melting point of 218±3℃, and the ash content ranges from 20% to 28%. Benzenesulfinic acid zinc salt can be used in various industries, including chemical synthesis, catalysts, electrochemistry, and organic synthesis.

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