Zinc P-Toluenesulfinate Salt (ZTS/TM)

Zinc P-Toluenesulfinate Salt (ZTS/TM)
Product Name:Zinc P-Toluenesulfinate Salt (ZTS/TM)CAS NO.24345-02-6

Appearance-White Powder
Purity% min98
Water% max0.5
Melting Point250

Product Description:

Zinc p-toluenesulfinate salt is one of the main products manufactured by Jinli. It is a white powdered solid with high purity and excellent chemical properties. Its purity is greater than 98%, and its main component is p-toluenesulfinate zinc, an organic zinc compound.

Product Features:

With a purity of over 98% and compliance with various international chemical standards, it is a highly pure compound. It can be used as an important reagent and catalyst in organic synthesis, with stable chemical properties and a high melting point.


Zinc p-toluenesulfinate salt can be used in organic synthesis, specifically in the reactions involving ketones, aldehydes, and carboxylic acids. It is also applicable in the pharmaceutical and medical industries, where it can be used for the synthesis of biologically active organic molecules and pharmaceutical intermediates. Furthermore, it serves as an additive in polymer materials, enhancing their performance and stability. In the cosmetics industry, it can be utilized as a preservative and antimicrobial agent.


Zinc p-toluenesulfinate salt is a chemical substance. Avoid contact with the skin and eyes when handling it. During storage, keep it dry, protected from light, and properly sealed. Most importantly, keep it away from open flames and oxidizing agents.