N,N-Diethylhydroxylamine (DEHA), Best Quality

N,N-Diethylhydroxylamine (DEHA), Best Quality
Product NameN,N-Diethylhydroxylamine(DEHA)CAS NO.3710-84-7

Appearance-Colorless To Light Yellow Liquid
Purity% min85
Water% max15
Diethylamine% max1.0
Colority (APHA)Pt/Co max70

Product Introduction:

N,N-Diethylhydroxyamine (DEHA) is a colorless to light yellow liquid. It has a minimum purity of 85% and a maximum water content of 15%. The maximum content of diethylamine is 1.0%. The colority (APHA) does not exceed 70. DEHA is primarily used in certain chemical and industrial processes as a corrosion inhibitor, oxidizing agent, and reducing agent, among others. It possesses a certain level of stability and antioxidant properties and can effectively prevent metal corrosion and oxidation reactions under specific conditions.