Ethyl P-toluenesulfonate Best Quality

Ethyl P-toluenesulfonate Best Quality
Product NameEthyl P-toluenesulfonateCAS NO.80-40-0
Appearance-Colorless To Light Yellow Liquid
Purity% min98
Melting Point℃ min32
Water% max0.3
PTSA% max0.2
PTSC% max0.2
Ash% max0.05

Producst description:

Ethyl P-toluenesulfonate is a chemical compound commonly found as a colorless to light yellow liquid. It is required to have a minimum purity of 98% and a melting point of not less than 32°C. The maximum allowed water content is 0.3%, while the maximum percentages of PTSA, PTSC, and ash are 0.2% and 0.05%, respectively.