Benzenesulfinic acid sodium salt

Benzenesulfinic acid sodium salt
Product Name:Benzenesulfinic acid sodium salt CAS NO.873-55-2

Appearance-White Crystalline Powder
Purity% min98
Water Solution2%Lucency
Water% max1.0
Sodium Chloride% max1.0
Sodium Sulfate% max1.0
Sodium Carbonate% max0.05
Heavy Metalppm max10

Product Introduction:

Benzenesulfinic acid sodium salt is a white crystalline powder. It has a minimum purity of 98% and a pH range of 7-10. A 2% water solution appears clear. The maximum water content is 1.0%, maximum sodium chloride content is 1.0%, maximum sodium sulfate content is 1.0%, and maximum sodium carbonate content is 0.05%. The maximum allowable concentration of heavy metals is 10 ppm.

Benzenesulfinic acid sodium salt finds wide applications in the chemical and industrial sectors. It is commonly used as an intermediate in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, dyes, and other organic compounds. The white crystalline powder form facilitates handling and usage. The high purity and compliance with specifications ensure reliability and effectiveness in chemical reactions and processes.