What Is The Use Of Benzenesulfonyl Hydrazide?

Editor:Jinli Chemical │ Release Time:2024-02-02 

Benzenesulfonyl hydrazide is an important organic synthetic intermediate compound with a variety of uses and applications. It is commonly used in the synthesis of biologically active compounds such as drugs, dyes and pesticides. In this article, we will describe the uses, cost and accessibility of benzenesulfonyl hydrazide.


Uses of the chemical substance

Benzenesulfonyl hydrazide has a wide range of uses in organic synthesis as an intermediate compound. It can be used in the synthesis of insecticides and fungicides, such as pyrazolone fungicides and pyrazoline insecticides. In addition, benzenesulfonyl hydrazine can be used in the synthesis of dye intermediates, which has important application prospects.



Introduction to the cost of chemical substances

The cost of benzenesulfonyl hydrazine, as an intermediate compound in organic synthesis, is usually affected by the cost of raw materials, production process and market supply and demand. Generally speaking, the cost of benzenesulfonyl hydrazide is relatively low because its production process is relatively simple and the raw materials are relatively easy to obtain. The specific cost can be consulted and understood based on market conditions and suppliers.


How to get benzenesulfonyl hydrazine

Benzenesulfonyl hydrazine can be obtained by reacting benzenesulfonyl chloride with hydrazine. First, benzenesulfonyl chloride is dissolved in an organic solvent, then hydrazine is added slowly and reacted under appropriate temperature and time conditions, and finally benzenesulfonyl hydrazide is obtained by methods such as crystallization or extraction. This is a common synthesis method and one of the production processes commonly used in industry.



As an important intermediate compound in organic synthesis, benzenesulfonyl hydrazide has a wide range of applications in the fields of drugs, dyes and pesticides. Its cost is relatively low and the production process is relatively simple, so it has a certain competitive advantage in industrial production.