O/P-Toluenesulfonamide CAS NO.1333-07-9,8013-74-9 Manufacturer

O/P-Toluenesulfonamide CAS NO.1333-07-9,8013-74-9 Manufacturer
Product Name: O/P-toluenesulfonamideCAS NO.1333-07-9,8013-74-9
Appearance-White Crystalline Powder
Purity% min99
Melting Point107±5
Water% max0.3
Colority (APHA)Pt/Co max30
Chlorideppm max100
Ortho / Para±3%40 \ 60 OR 30 \ 70 OR 20 \ 80
Ash% max0.1

Product Introduction:

Ortho/Para-Toluenesulfonamide is a white crystalline powder. CAS NO: 1333-07-9, 8013-74-9. Jinli specializes in producing high purity and excellent chemical properties. Our product has a concentration exceeding 99% and possesses stable chemical properties. It also has a high melting point, allowing it to maintain stability and controllability under high-temperature conditions. Additionally, it has excellent solubility.


Main Applications:

Our Ortho/Para-Toluenesulfonamide has a wide range of applications. It can be used in chemical synthesis, dye industry, pharmaceutical processes, and for the synthesis of various drugs, hormones, antibiotics, and more.

Our Ortho/Para-Toluenesulfonamide can be used as a high-quality plasticizer and softener, enhancing the product's moldability.