4,4'-Oxybis(benzenesulphonyl chloride)(OBSC)

4,4'-Oxybis(benzenesulphonyl chloride)(OBSC)
Product Name4,4'-Oxybis(benzenesulphonyl chloride)(OBSC)CAS NO.121-63-1

Appearance-White Crystalline Powder
Purity% min98
Melting Point℃ min127
Free Moisture% max0.3
Free Acid% max0.2

Product Introduction:

4,4'-Oxybis(benzenesulphonyl chloride) (OBSC) is a white crystalline powder. It has a minimum purity of 98% and a melting point not lower than 127℃. The maximum content of free moisture is 0.3%, and the maximum content of free acid is 0.2%. OBSC is an important organic compound with wide applications in the chemical and industrial fields. It is commonly used in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, dyes, coatings, and high-molecular-weight materials. OBSC exhibits excellent chemical stability and reactivity, making it a valuable raw material for synthesizing intermediates and functional materials.