The focus of the development of the chemical industry-fine chemicals

Editor:嘉兴市金利化工有限责任公司 │ Release Time:2023-06-21 

Fine chemicals include pharmaceuticals, pesticides, synthetic dyes, organic pigments, coatings, fragrances and fragrances, cosmetics and toiletries, soaps and synthetic detergents, surfactants, printing inks and their additives, adhesives, photosensitive materials, magnetic materials, catalysts, reagents, water treatment agents and polymer flocculants, papermaking additives, leather additives, synthetic material additives, textile printing and dyeing agents and finishing agents, food additives, feed additives, animal medicines, oilfield chemicals, petroleum additives and refining additives, cement additives, mineral flotation agents, casting chemicals, metal surface treatment agents, synthetic lubricants and lubricant additives, automotive chemicals, There are more than 40 industries and categories such as aromatic deodorants, industrial anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents, electronic chemicals and materials, functional polymer materials, and biological and chemical products.With the development of the national economy, the development and application fields of fine chemicals will continue to be developed, and new categories will continue to increase.

The term fine chemicals has been used for a long time. It originally referred to chemical products with small output, high purity and expensive prices, such as pharmaceuticals, dyes, coatings, etc.However, this meaning has not fully revealed the nature of fine chemicals.Since the 21st century, experts from various countries have gained some new insights into the definition of fine chemicals. Some countries in Europe and the United States refer to chemical substances with small yields and produced and sold according to different chemical structures as fine chemicals; products with small yields, processed and formulated, and special functions or end-use properties are called specialty chemicals.China, Japan, etc. collectively refer to these two types of products as fine chemicals.